Why Do You Support Bhikkhunis? Three Male Perspectives

May 11, 2023 Ven Canda

In this thought-provoking and spontaneous interview, Ven Canda & Ven Upekkha speak to three male guests visiting Anukampa Bhikkhuni Vihara about if and why bhikkhuni ordination matters to them as male Buddhists, and what they feel bhikkhunis offer to them – and to the Buddhist world at large.

The conversation is mainly directed toward Ananda (Luke), a devoted 21 year old Buddhist aspiring to ordain as a bhikkhu, and Erlend from Norway, a 47 year old Buddhist who is heavily involved in supporting Ajahn Nitho to develop a monastery in Norway. Ananda’s father Patrick, who came to Buddhism through Taekwondo, offered a few words as well – so the voices of three generations are heard here. We thank Ananda, Erlend and Patrick for their kind participation and thoughts on this important matter.

May all beings fulfill their spiritual aspirations!