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Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project was founded by Ven Canda in 2016 at the request of her teacher Ajahn Brahm, who serves as Spiritual Adviser.


Anukampa means the wise compassion that alleviates suffering and its cause, and was the quality that motivated the Buddha to teach.



We aim to:


1. Promote the teachings and practices of Early Buddhism, leading to full Awakening.


2. Establish the first "Forest Monastery" in England where women can train towards full (bhikkhuni) ordination!



We are raising enthusiasm and funds for this project by organising retreats, talks and discussion groups, that present the Buddha's teachings in an authentic, relevant and accessible way.


Anukampa is committed to inclusivity by welcoming everyone, including LGBTQIA+ people and those of every ethnicity, race and background, both to our events and as guests.


Get involved with our friendly community to deepen your practice and help make our vision a reality!

An Ideal Forest Monastery is Available Now!

Ajahn Brahm’s visit this year was exceptional in many ways and most notably for an unexpected property find! On the long train ride back from visiting his extended family and “scouser” (i.e. Liverpudlian) roots, inspiration struck and we discovered an affordable property online. Two days later, before the Bristol talk, Ajahn, Shel, and I went to view…

Prospective Monastery So Close: Donate Now to Bridge the Gap!

Your help is still needed us to make our vision of an inclusive, welcoming Buddhist community come true! Ajahn Brahm’s visit this year was exceptional in many ways and most notably for an unexpected property find! On the long train ride back from visiting his extended family north of Liverpool, inspiration struck and we discovered…

Cute & Cuddly Monastics on Ajahn Brahmali’s Tour! 

by Casey When I first started my journey along the Buddhist Path, I was intimidated by monastics. They looked too grand and holy silently lined up in their orange robes on the early morning streets of Vientiane, Laos, where I live and work, or solemnly chanting unintelligible Pali blessings while sitting stone-faced at funeral ceremonies….

Bhikkhunis on the Witches’ Pendle Hill!

by Paul (Anukampa Facebook Coordinator), 19th April 2023 What a blessing it has been to host Venerables Canda & Upekkha in our little cottage here in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire for a few days this month. Their presence transformed our humble abode into a mini Bhikkhuni Vihara while my partner Richard, our little beagle Amber and I vacated the…

Why Do You Support Bhikkhunis? Three Male Perspectives

In this thought-provoking and spontaneous interview, Ven Canda & Ven Upekkha speak to three male guests visiting Anukampa Bhikkhuni Vihara about if and why bhikkhuni ordination matters to them as male Buddhists, and what they feel bhikkhunis offer to them – and to the Buddhist world at large. The conversation is mainly directed toward Ananda (Luke), a devoted…

Live-Streaming Ajahn Brahmali Retreat!

Dear Friends, We have decided to broaden the reach of our upcoming week-long residential deep dive into breath meditation retreat with Ajahn Brahmali by livestreaming the morning and evening session on the Anukampa YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNIW229Hx4MOF_ahakA67EA. The livestream will begin from Day Two through to Day Seven (14th May to 19th May) as follows:…

Ven Upekkha’s Musings

Crawling out from under a rock in Gidgegannup, I felt like a neanderthal arriving at Heathrow airport. Prepared with a stack of letters proving that it was alright to enter a country without money, I stood on the 300 or so long e-immigration line that was manned by two people. It may have been Ajahn Brahm…

What’s Happening at the Monastery?

Here at Anukampa Vihara we have had many delightful comings and goings, with each and every visitor enriching the community. Guests notice the peaceful, harmonious atmosphere – ‘It feels like a sanctuary, a spiritual home,’ they say. Perhaps it is the silent afternoons, the regular meditation and Dhamma talks, or the faith of the guests who might have driven hours to offer…

Our New Monastery & The Ajahn Brahmali Retreat

It has been a long time since I wrote to you personally, and I am so happy to be back in touch. In this letter, I share photos, memories and videos from Ajahn Brahm’s tour; upcoming regular teachings and special events; registration links for Ajahn Brahmali’s May 2023 retreat; and of course, more about Anukampa…

Important Announcement!

Dear friends and supporters, We are delighted to inform you that we have just completed the purchase of our first Vihara (monastic dwelling) in Oxford. After seven years’ hard work in bringing this to fruition, Venerable Canda has a place to deepen her meditation practice, train Bhikkhunis, and teach the Dhamma; and the lay community…

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Fridays, 18:45-20:00 pm UK Time

“Fridays Sutta Discussion Group

with Ven Canda

Every Tuesday & Thursday

19:15 - 20:00 UK Time

Silent Sitting Group

Wednesdays, 5.30 - 6 pm UK Time

"Pali Chanting & Blessing Group”

Venerable Canda & Ajahn Brahm Ordination 2014
Buddhist Summit 2015

"I feel a responsibility, an ethical need, to work as much as I am able, to establish the first Buddhist monastery for bhikkhunis in a country that nurtured my early Buddhist Path"  ~  Ajahn Brahm. 

"It struck me how different your way of teaching is compared to the male Ajahns. You bring more warmth, emotions, and intuition. It's probably about personality, but I guess also about gender and it just shows how important it is to have diversity amongst spiritual teachers :)"~ Prisca.

"It is our pleasure to do whatever little we have done so far. You are giving us the greatest gift of Dhamma"  ~ Mangala.

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