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Announcement: 27th March 2020 

Zoomi Bhikkhuni: Anukampa's Live Online Dhamma Sessions (led by Ven Canda Bhikkhuni, via Zoom)


In the beautiful Karaniya Metta Sutta (on loving kindness, Sn 1.8), the quality of protecting all beings from harm without exception ~ to the extent that a mother would protect her only child ~ is greatly emphasised.


Staying at home to halt the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a radical act of loving kindness. The extra solitude we are experiencing also provides an ideal opportunity to develop our meditation practice, or even begin a regular practice for those who don't yet have one.


In order to support you in this, Ven Canda will be offering several regular online meditation groups via the video app., Zoom, at least until end of May.


Just download Zoom on your computer, get your cushion, or relax into a comfortable armchair, (with your trusty computer!) then join a session by clicking on the links to the events of your choice, below:


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Zoomi Bhikkhuni: Guided Metta Meditation and Sharing Group


Saturdays: 9 am - 10 am (every Saturday from 28th March, via Zoom)


What better way to start the weekend than expanding our heart with the powerful, sublime practice of loving kindness and a gentle check-in with friends? This group will help us bring the benefits of metta into our lives in a truly transformative way.


To join the session please click here:



Zoomi Bhikkhuni: Delving Deeply Into Dhamma


Sundays: 7.30 pm - 9 pm (every Sunday from 29th March, via Zoom)


These sessions will include a half hour guided meditation, followed by a themed Dhamma Talk and an opportunity for discussion and Q&A. This is a rare chance to get personal guidance in your practice and make best use of the extra solitude we experience at this unprecedented time.


To join the session please click here:




Zoomi Bhikkhuni: Chanting & Blessings Group


Wednesdays: 5 pm - 5.30 pm (every Wednesday from 1st April, via Zoom)


This group is for those interested in learning some Pali chanting, such as the Karaniya Metta Sutta and more. At the beginning of each session we will call the names of people who would appreciate a blessing, so please join and make your dedications known.


To join the session please click here:




Oxford Insight Dhamma Sessions (to continue via Zoom)


Mondays: 7pm - 8.30pm


Dates: 13th & 27th April; 11th & 25th May; and 8th June (until further notice)

Upcoming talks & retreats


Sunday 5th April 2020, Day Retreat

"Contented & Easily Satisfied" for Brighton Insight


This event may continue via Zoom. Details to follow


Saturday 9th May 2020, Day Retreat

Day Retreat led by Ven Canda for Oxford Insight


This event may continue via Zoom. Details to follow

Our Residential Retreat is very popular and places will be fully booked within a day or two.


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