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Ajahn Brahm's "Jhanas and Enlightenment" UK Tour: 6th - 16th December 2018 


We are more than thrilled to have Ajahn Brahm teach his first ever 8-day silent retreat in the UK this winter, as the main part of his visit! This is likely a once in a lifetime chance (for those who can’t make it to Australia or Asia), to have a full-length retreat with a much loved and trusted meditation master, revered for his penetrating, humorous wisdom; palpable compassion and peace.


Careful plans for a longer retreat have been several years in the making. Ajahn Brahm’s previous UK tours were specifically designed to bring large numbers of people together in Dhamma, and in support of Anukampa’s monastery aim (see his video clip here). We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response so far to Ajahn’s teaching and our inspired mission, and feel the time is ripe for the Dhamma seeds thus planted to take deeper root.


In addition to this hard-to-obtain residential retreat, we have organised a few evening Dhamma Talks, so everyone will have chance to participate in Ajahn Brahm's amazing "Jhanas and Enlightenment" Teaching Tour: his 3rd for Anukampa in consecutive years!


6th Dec 2018, 6.45 pm - 8.45 pm

Ajahn Brahm: “Not Me, Not Mine, Not A Self"

Dhamma Talk at Kagyu Samye Dzong, Bermondsey, London.



LWA Seating Wolfson

7th Dec 2018, 7 pm - 8.30 pm

Ajahn Brahm: “The Happiness Of Peace"

Dhamma Talk at Leonard Wolfson Auditorium, Wolfson College, Oxford.




8th Dec 2018, 7 pm - 9.30 pm

Ajahn Brahm: "You Don't Have To Be So Perfect"

Dhamma Talk at Rudolf Steiner House, Baker Street, London.




9th - 16th December 2018

Ajahn Brahm's Residential Retreat

"Jhanas and Enlightenment: A Natural Process"


This retreat is now fully booked and the waiting list is closed.


16th Dec 2018, 6.30 pm

Ajahn Brahm: "The Jhanas: Seven Steps to Heaven (and one beyond)"

Dhamma Talk at London Buddhist Society, Ecclestion Square, London. Please book directly with the LBS. Their contact details can be found here www.thebuddhistsociety.org


Sunday 13th Jan 2019, 10 am - 5 pm

Ven Canda: "The Power Of Loving-Kindness"

A Day Retreat with London Insight- register here.

The Buddha described loving-kindness- or metta - as one of the four sublime states of mind and an ideal way of relating to ourselves, to others and to life. Using various practices and reflections, we will explore the power of loving kindness to help meet and undermine harmful emotions, build a resource of deep inner well-being and provide fertile ground in which wisdom can take root. 

The day will include talks and reflections, periods of sitting and walking meditation and a Q&A session. 



Sunday 24th Feb 2019, 10 am - 5 pm

Ven Canda: "The Riches of Silence"

A Day Retreat with Brighton Bodhi Tree- register here.

In our fast-paced world, it is easy for the mind to become cluttered with things to do and worry about- and obsessive thoughts do not stop when we want them to! This retreat will discuss five methods of working with thoughts in a skillful way (Vitakka Santana Sutta), to help us reconnect with and rest in the beautiful silence of the mind.

The day will include talks and reflections, periods of sitting and walking meditation and a Q&A session. 


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