Regular teaching


Dhamma Evenings in Oxford.


This year, Ven Canda will teach regularly for Oxford Insight.



The Friends' Meeting House

St Giles




Mondays, 7pm - 8.30pm

18th Nov 2019

2nd Dec 2019

16th Dec 2019

17th Feb 2020

- then twice to thrice monthly until June (dates in future newsletters).


Sutta Discussion Evenings in Oxford.


Venerable Canda is now offering regular Sutta discussion evenings which are taking place at an Oxford venue. These will centre on the practical application of the teachings in our lives.


Anyone interested will just need to contact to confirm and to get the address beforehand.

Upcoming talks & retreats


8th - 14th Dec 2019 Residential Retreat, The Barn, Devon

Residential Metta Retreat Led by Ven Canda for The Sharpham Trust: "Love To Break All Boundaries"


This retreat will encourage loving kindness to develop, opening your heart to well-being, calm and insight. Metta, or loving kindness, is a boundless quality of heart that embraces all beings, including oneself. Metta overcomes the tensions that arise from human interaction, by gradually dissolving the forces of selfishness at their root. It is therefore a great peace-maker and promoter of harmony.


The Buddha said that whatever one frequently reflects upon becomes the inclination of the mind (Dvedhavitakka Sutta). This retreat will encourage the flourishing of loving kindness as a way of relating to our experience and as a systematic cultivation that dissolves the barriers we erect between "self" and "other."


As we learn to incline away from harmful states of mind through loving kindness, the heart opens to ever deeper experiences of well-being and calm, which provide a powerful basis for insight.




30th, 31st Dec 2019, and 1st Jan 2020 New Year Retreat, 9.30 am - 5 pm

Three-Day Non-Residential Retreat Led by Ven Canda for Sheffield Insight: "Between Knowing & The Known"

On this retreat we will cultivate the three Right Intentions ~ of renunciation, loving kindness and gentleness ~ as wholesome ways of relating to our inner world.


When we understand freedom lies not in manipulating experience but in transforming our relationship to it, then every situation provides an opportunity to deepen our wisdom, compassion and peace.


The daily programme will comprise of Dhamma reflections, guided & silent meditations and question sessions, all of which are optional.


7th - 9th Feb 2020, New York, USA

Two-Day Retreat Led by Ven Canda for Buddhist Insight, New York, USA.


Details TBC


Sunday 23rd Feb 2020 Day Retreat, Bristol

A Day Retreat Led by Ven Canda for Bristol Insight: "Contented and Easily Satisfied"


The ennobling quality of contentment is a direct antidote to the cause of suffering: restless desire. Whilst the winds of wanting blow us from past to future, always promising happiness someplace else, contentment enables the mind to linger with loving appreciation in this moment; within this imperfect body and mind.


This retreat will show how, when we are contented and easily satisfied, even unpromising experiences tend to reveal their beauty, opening us to ever-deeper layers of inner peace.


The day will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, Dhamma reflections and an opportunity for Q&A. This retreat is open to newcomers to meditation as well as those with more experience.


Sunday 8th Mar 2020 Day Retreat, 10am - 5pm, London.

Day Retreat Led by Ven Canda for London Insight: "Emotional Agility"


Meditation is a way to develop beautiful emotions like compassion and courage. Yet any authentic inner journey involves meeting feelings that we find painful (even ‘unspiritual’) and may be tempted to push into the recesses of our minds.


Using a range of perceptual and meditation techniques, we will learn to befriend and open to our emotional world with gentleness and respect. Developing such emotional agility helps us stay steady enough to penetrate the nature of experience, relaxing clinging towards any particular state of mind.


The day will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, dharma reflections and an opportunity for questions and reflections.


Monday 23rd Mar 2020, Dhamma Evening, Northants - Kettering.

Dhamma Evening by Ven Canda with Northants Buddhist ~ Kettering.  




Saturday 9th May 2020, Day Retreat, Oxford.

Day Retreat led by Ven Canda for Oxford Insight.


details to follow

Our Residential Retreat is very popular and places will be fully booked within a day or two.


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