Ajahn Brahmali “The View That Frees”

Date(s) - 16 Jan 2021
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Online Dhamma Talk and Q&A session via Zoom 


All of us hold views based on our conditioning, which reinforce our perceptions and thoughts, essentially creating our world. Buddhist practice is about learning how to steer our mind away from suffering and in the direction of freedom – whether inside or outside of meditation – and gradually align our views with the way things are. Right view at the preliminary level is the foundation of the path and helps guide our intentions and behaviour in wholesome ways, gradually making deep meditation both possible and productive of liberating insight. Once we penetrate the Four Noble Truths, our view of reality becomes perfected and forms the basis for the successive stages of liberation.


In this Dhamma talk, Ajahn Brahmali will define right (or wrong!) view and help us understand how views come about. He will show how we can develop right view to inform and empower our meditation, freeing our minds from hindrances – and eventually freeing ourselves from all erroneous views – to experience a peace beyond the conditioned world.



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