Ajahn Brahmali Dhamma Talk: “Dependent Origination & Dependent Liberation”

Date(s) - 29 Jun 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Kagyu Samye Dzong London
15 Spa Rd
SE16 3SA
United Kingdom





Dependent liberation is closely related to the well known Buddhist doctrine of dependent origination. An impersonal sequence of causally connected factors, dependent origination starts with delusion and ends in suffering as a consequence. The Buddha also teaches another, lesser known causal process that describes the psychology of meditation, in the Upanisa Sutta (SN12:23). Dependent liberation starts from suffering and leads us through a natural process of increasing spiritual bliss, all the way to liberation from the delusion of a self.


This evening programme begins with a short guided meditation, followed by the Dhamma talk. After the talk there will be an opportunity to ask questions.


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