Ajahn Brahm Dhamma Talk: “Not Me, Not Mine, Not A Self”

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Date(s) - 06 Dec 2018
6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Kagyu Samye Dzong London
15 Spa Rd
SE16 3SA
United Kingdom




As the Buddha said, “What is impermanent is suffering, and that by its very nature cannot be taken to be ‘me’, ‘mine’, or a ‘self’. Whatever is taken to be a ‘self’ will cause suffering” (SN 22, 59). The permanent happiness of a ‘self’┬áis impossible. The Buddha’s teaching on anatta (non-self) is deep and profound because it challenges something very basic to our assumptions about life.



In this talk, Ajahn will explain how the practice of deep meditation, combined with careful investigation uncovers the truth of anatta, so that freedom can be found from the illusion of a ‘self.’


This evening programme will begin with half an hour guided meditation, followed by a Dhamma talk from Ajahn Brahm. After the talk there will be an opportunity to ask questions.


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